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Pulp Indigo has specialized in street marketing since June 2014. We promote brand awareness and create growth for our clients by creatively distributing marketing collateral to generate viral word-of-mouth promotions. Our professionalism ensure that our clients’ brands are promoted in a manner that is attractive, effective, intelligent, clear and memorable. Pulp Indigo is dedicated to serving Atlanta’s arts and culture sector and local business, large and small. Having a prominent presence in Atlanta’s cultural hubs, as well as diverse communities, helps to increase your acquisition and retention of patrons who love what you do. So, whether you’re a non-profit or corporation, let us help you boost your brand!

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Check our how we work promotions for the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Skylark Vocal Ensemble, and many of our valued clients!




Get A Quote

Reach out!  We’ll provide you with expert advice and quote for your street marketing campaign.

Create Your Collateral

Sign off and ship you collateral or we’ll come pick it up!

Hit the Streets

Our Brand Ambassadors will hit the streets and get the word out to the world.

Drop Offs

Billboards space can be expensive, few and far between throughout Atlanta. One of the best ways to increase brand visibility is to have your promotional collateral displayed prominently in establishments throughout a particular area. Simply request a quote and we’ll make it our goal to provide you with an estimate that fits your needs.



Hand-to-Hand Distribution

Our Brand Ambassadors hit the streets, roll up their sleeves and directly deliver flyers into the hands of your target audience with hand-to-hand distribution.   While targeting a specific demographic in a specific location, we create opportunity for interaction and a interpersonal explanation of your promotion, all while strengthening your visual brand. Our team can be fully briefed on who and what to talk about and outfitted in your branded paraphernalia.


Many of our clients want to reach a targeted demographic with a specific type of outreach. We have the ability to create a custom package for you that is sure to help you reach consumers in a whole new way.








Estimates vary based on the number of pieces, size/weight of collateral and duration of campaign. Special rates are available for non-profits. Our packages are updated frequently, so check back often to see our added benefits.




With every service, our team members record all activity and take photos of the distribution across a range of locations. At the end of each campaign we compile your data and draft a final report, which you receive once it’s all done.